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quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

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Smash Your Head Against the Wall (1971)
01.My Size
02.Pick Me Up (Big Chicken)
03.What Are We Doing Here?
04.What Kind of People Are They?
05.Heaven and Hell 
06.Ted End
07.You’re Mine
08.No. 29 (Eternal Youth
09.I Believe in Everything
10.Cinnamon Girl” (Neil Young) (Previously released out-take)
11 What Are We Doing Here (Alternate Mix)
Whistle Rymes (1972)
01.Ten Little Friends
02.Apron Strings
03.I Feel Better 
04.Thinkin ‘It Over
05.Who Cares?
06.I Wonder
07.I Was Just Being Friendly
08.The Window Shopper
09.I Found Out 1
(Please Wake Me Up)
Rigor Mortis Sets In (1973)
01.Gimmie That Rock ‘N’ Roll
02.Mr. Bassman
03.Do the Dangle
04.Hound Dog
05.Made in Japan
06.My Wife
07.Roller Skate Kate
08.Pet Leg Peggy
10.Big Black Cadillac
Mad Dog (1975)
01.I Fall To Pieces
02.Cell Number 7
03.You Can Be So Mean
04.Lady Killer
05.Who In The Hell
06.Mad Dog
07.Jungle Bunny
08.I ‘M So Scared
Ruff Mixes (Too Late The Hero Demos - 1979)
01.Countryside Boogie
03.I ‘m Coming Back
04.Dancing Master
05.Back On The Road
06.Sleeping Man
07.Sax Tracking Ent 7
Too Late the Hero (1981)
01.Try Me
02.Talk Dirty
04.Sleeping Man
05.I ‘m Coming Back
06.Dancing Master
07.Fallen Angel
08.Love Is a Heart Attack
09.Too Late the Hero
John Entwistle & The Rat Race Choir - The Channel Boston (1987)
01. Stage Introduction
02. Summertime Blues
03. Pinball Wizard
04. My Wife
05. 5:15
06. Bargain 
(And Crowd “Boris” Chant) 07. Boris The Spider
08. Behind Blue Eyes
09. Band Introductions
10. Shakin’ All Over
11. My Generation
12. Won’t Get Fooled Again
13. Encore Break Crowd
14. Young Man Blues
15. Twist And Shout
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents (1997)
01. Heaven and Hell
02. Whiskey Man
03. My Size
04. Boris the Spider
05. Not Fade Away
06. Cell Number 7
07. Who Cares?
08. Gimmie That Rock ‘N’ Roll
09. My Wife
Left For Live Deluxe (1999)
CD 1.
01. Bogeyman (Intro Walk-On) 02. Horror Rock (Nightmare)
03. The Real Me
04. Sometimes
05. My Size
06. You
07. Darker Side of Night
08. Love Is a Heart Attack
09. Success Story
10. Trick of the Light
11. Cousin Kevin
12. Under a Raging Moon
13. Boris the Spider
CD 2.
01. 905
02. Had Enough
03. Endless Vacation
04. I’ll Try Again Today
05. Whiskey Man
06. Too Late the Hero
07. Young Man Blues
08. Shakin’ All Over
09. Heaven and Hell
10. Summertime Blues
11. My Wife
Tipton, Entwistle & Powell – Edge of The World (2000)
01. Unknown Soldier
02. Friendly Fire
03. The Holy Man
04. Never Say Die
05. Resolution
06. Searching
07. Give Blood
08. Crime Of Passion
09. Walls Cave In
10. Edge Of The World
11. Stronger Than The Drug
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